On Cloudflyer Shoes Review: The Best And Worse


You can tell how well-made the sneaker is as soon as you take it up. Everything is perfect—the midsole, outsole, overlay, stitching, and design details are included. When I first laid eyes on shoes, I became more conscious of how the materials feel and how high-quality they seem. Shoes that feel luxurious even before you put them on your feet seem to be becoming more different from those that look and feel cheap. The On sneakers provide a high-quality feel. The Cloudflyer shoe is still in like-new condition after 50 kilometers of use.

On Cloudflyer
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The outsole shows the only indication of little cosmetic wear. I find the Cloudflyer’s sleek, precise Swiss design to be very appealing. Running in the shoe feels very normal overall, and the fit is nice. The insole, however, isn’t standard.

On Cloudflyer

Surprisingly plush, the insole is lovely. The Cloudflyer includes an insole that matches Ortholite insoles, whereas other manufacturers just have a slab of thin foam. The On Clouds don’t need a break-in time, in contrast to some shoes with lugs or zero drops.


Considering the CloudTec cushion pods, the Cloudflyer’s ride is stiffer than I would anticipate. The forefoot had pods, but the Cloudsurfer didn’t have the same enjoyable vibe. I took note of the segmented pods during toe-off, and not in a positive manner. There was no traction in the rainy weather. Turning turns seemed less comfortable with the toe-box in place. A little sloppiness developed. Since the tying is peculiar, before attempting to replace the laces, take a photo of the arrangement.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What type of shoe is the Cloudflyer? 

The Cloudflyer is a neutral cushioned running shoe designed for everyday training and long distances. It offers a blend of comfort, support, and responsiveness.

Who is the Cloudflyer good for? 

The Cloudflyer is a versatile shoe suitable for runners of all levels, from beginners to experienced runners. It’s ideal for those who prioritize comfort and cushioning on their runs.

What are the different versions of the Cloudflyer? 

There are currently two main versions: the Cloudflyer and the Cloudflyer Wide. The Wide version offers a more spacious fit for runners with wider feet.

What are the key features of the Cloudflyer? 

CloudTec® sole for cushioning and flexibility, Helion™ super foam for responsiveness, Speedboard® for energy return, supportive upper, and breathable mesh.

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