The following behaviors might be covertly causing you to acquire weight:

Calorie intake: When you eat more calories than your body uses up, fat becomes stored.

Insufficient consumption of protein: Protein promotes muscular growth. Protein deficiency causes loss of muscle mass and slows metabolism, which facilitates the storage of fat.

Meal skipping: Missing meals, particularly breakfast, causes the body to store fat.

Lack of movement: It's crucial to engage in gentle movement, like walking or using the stairs, in place of strenuous exercise. It causes the formation of fat.

Hydration: Getting adequate water into your body aids in the removal of pollutants. Additionally, it keeps you full and prevents unintentional binges.

Absence of sleep: Getting enough sleep is crucial for weight reduction. It causes elevated cortisol levels, which in turn cause weight gain.

Alcohol consumption: Drinking too much alcohol might lead to weight gain since it is high in calories.

Notice: Nothing in this material, including recommendations, should be construed as a replacement for professional medical advice; it only provides general information.