Slam Dunk or Miss? Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running?

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running: It can be hard to tell the difference between the right shoes for sports and other tasks. A question that comes up a lot is whether basketball shoes can also be used as running shoes. Both hobbies require a lot of moving, but the shoes that you need for each are very different. Is it possible to run in basketball shoes? Let’s look at the specifics.

The Way Basketball Shoes Are Made:

Basketball shoes are made to fit the wants of basketball players. These are some important things:

Support for the ankle:

Most basketball shoes have high tops that give the ankle a lot of support. This shape helps keep players from getting sprains and strains when they jump and move laterally, which are common in basketball.


These shoes often come with significant padding to lessen the force of jumping and quick stops. Most of the time, the padding is in the heel and midfoot.


The base of basketball shoes is made for grip on indoor courts, having designs that increase traction and prevent slipping.


Basketball shoes are built to handle the hard demands of the sport, including frequent side moves and quick direction changes.

Running Shoe Characteristics

Running shoes, on the other hand, are designed especially for forward action and long-distance running. These are the main things about them:

Lightweight Construction:

Running shoes are usually lighter to reduce tiredness during long walks.


These shoes often feature flexible materials to keep feet cool and dry over long times.


The padding in running shoes is meant to support the repeated heel-to-toe motion of running, often with extra support in the forefoot.


Running shoes provide flexibility to suit the normal movement of the foot while running.

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Running?

Now that we understand the changes in form, let’s review whether basketball shoes can be a good choice for running.

Pros of Using Basketball Shoes for Running Ankle Support:

If you’re prone to ankle problems, the higher cut of basketball shoes can provide added support and stability.


The extra padding, especially in high-end basketball shoes, can offer comfort for shorter runs or if you have a taste for a padded ride.

Cons of Using Basketball Shoes for Running Weight:

Basketball shoes are usually heavier than running shoes. This extra weight can lead to faster tiredness, especially during long walks.


The frame of basketball shoes is built for side support rather than the forward bend needed for running. This can hinder the normal movement of your feet.


Basketball shoes may not have the same amount of airflow as running shoes, leading to hot and unhappy feet during long walks.


Running shoes are especially made to improve running efficiency, with features like heel-to-toe drop and energy return that basketball shoes lack.

When Might Basketball Shoes Be Suitable for Running?

Short, Occasional Runs: If you’re only running short distances rarely, basketball shoes can work. They provide good padding and support for limited use.

Indoor Running:

If you’re running indoors on a court or track, basketball shoes can work, especially if you’re switching between running and other activities like playing basketball.

Dual-Purpose Use:

For players who regularly switch between running and playing basketball, having one pair of shoes for both sports can be handy, though not ideal for serious running.


While basketball shoes can be used for short, occasional runs, they are not the best choice for daily or long-distance running. The weight, lack of movement, and reduced ventilation can lead to pain and waste over time. For committed runners, buying in a good pair of running shoes made for the specific needs of the activity is the best way to ensure comfort, performance, and pain prevention.


In summary, basketball shoes are like a jack of all trades but master of none when it comes to running. They can get the job done in a pinch, but if running is a major part of your routine, specific running shoes are the way to go.

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Ivan Lopez
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