Are the best shoes you own becoming old or worn out? Don’t worry about scuffed heels, enduring stains, or an awkward fit!

To give your collection of shoes new life, we’ve put up 35 simple but clever hacks. These ingenious girlie hacks will have your shoes feeling and looking brand new in no time, using common home products or creative do-it-yourself solutions.

To tired-looking flats, slick soles, and musty sneakers, say hello to new, fashionable shoes that exude confidence and are ready for any occasion. So let’s get started with these easy but powerful shoe-game-boosting tips.

35 Easy Ways to Improve Your Shoes: Smart Girly Tips

1. Clean with Toothpaste: To clean white shoes, use toothpaste. Using a toothbrush and toothpaste, remove any filth. Let them dry after giving them a water rinse.

2. Rubber Band Shoe Slip Fix: To stop shoes from sliding off, wrap a rubber band around the middle of your foot and tuck it beneath your tights or socks.

3. Tennis Ball Deodorizer: To absorb moisture and odor, place a dry tennis ball inside odorous shoes for the whole night.

4. Lemon for Freshness: To get rid of stains and leave your shoes smelling like fresh citrus, cut a lemon in half and spread it over them.

5. Freeze Gum: Put your shoe in the freezer for a few hours if the gum becomes attached to it. The gum will be simpler to peel off after it’s frozen.

6. Tight Spots on Shoes: Apply heat from a blow dryer to the tight areas on your shoes, then put on thick socks and take a stroll to help them expand.

7. Use baking soda as an odor absorber: by sprinkling it inside your shoes. Shake out the excess after letting it sit for the whole night.

8. Silica Gel Packs: To absorb moisture and stop mold and mildew, use silica gel packs inside your shoes.

9. Baby Powder for Smell: To absorb perspiration and mask aromas, dust baby powder inside your shoes.

10. Sandpaper for Slick Soles: To increase grip and reduce slippage, roughen up the soles of new shoes with sandpaper.


11. Clear Nail Polish for rips: To stop minor cracks or rips on patent leather shoes from growing worse, apply clear nail polish to them.

12. Shoe Shine in a Ziploc Bag: To give a shoe a fast shine, place it inside a Ziploc bag and buff it with a towel.

13. Vinegar for Stains: Use a towel to gently remove stains off leather shoes by mixing equal parts vinegar and water.

14. Tea Bags for Smell: To remove smells and leave a fresh aroma, put unused tea bags into your shoes.

15. Use Shoe Inserts: If you wear high heels or shoes with little cushioning, consider investing in shoe inserts for extra comfort and support.

16. Shoe Clips for Style: To give simple shoes a trendy makeover, use shoe clips or other decorations.

17. Shoe Stretch Spray: Target places that irritate or pinch to release tight shoes using a shoe stretch spray.

18. Fabric Softener for Softness: To give leather shoes a supple, conditioned finish, mix fabric softeners with water and rub them down with a towel.

19. Suede Brush for Cleaning: Scratch marks and grime may be gently removed from suede shoes using a suede brush.

20. Comfort Tip: Add more cushioning and arch support to your shoes by placing cork insoles inside.


21. Shoelace Swap: To rapidly give your shoes a new appearance, swap out your old shoelaces for new ones.

22. Heel Caps for Stability: To avoid sliding and provide stability on slick surfaces, attach rubber heel caps to high heels.

23. Shoe Trees for form: To keep your shoes from creasing and to preserve their form, use shoe trees.

24. Hair Conditioner for Leather: To hydrate and bring back the sheen of leather shoes, dab on a little bit of hair conditioner.

25. Fabric Dye for Renewal: To revive the color of worn-out or faded shoes, use fabric dye.

26. Sandals and Socks: In the colder months, team sandals and socks for a stylish but cozy ensemble.

27. Charcoal Inserts for Odor Elimination: To absorb moisture and get rid of smells, use activated charcoal inserts inside your shoes.

28. Hot Glue for Sole Repairs: For small sole rips or separations, use hot glue.

29. Shrink Plastic for Decoration: To make unique shoe decorations, cut out shapes from shrink plastic and shrink them using heat.

30. Using Pumice Stone to Remove Scuffs: To remove scratches off shoes, gently massage a pumice stone over the affected regions.


31. Dryer Sheets for Smell: To freshen and get rid of smells, put dryer sheets inside your shoes for the night.

32. Petroleum Jelly for Shine: To give leather shoes a rapid shine, apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly.

33. Rubber Sole Protector: To stop wear and tear, attach rubber sole protectors to the soles of shoes.

34. Shoe Rack Organization: To avoid clutter and damage, keep your shoes accessible and organized with a shoe rack.

35. Handmade Shoe Deodorizer: Stuff baking soda, dried herbs, and essential oils into a sachet to create a homemade shoe deodorizer. To maintain the fresh scent in your shoes, place it inside.

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