Adidas Adios 8 Review Guide

Adidas Adios 8 Review

The Adidas Adios 8 carries on the longstanding tradition of the Adios line, which is known for speed and performance via an ideal fusion of comfort and innovation. The Adios 8 is made for runners who want to push their running to new limits, whether they are marathon aficionados or competitive runners. We’ll go over the main characteristics that set the Adios 8 apart from the competition for anyone looking for a reliable blend of speed, support, and style in our review.

Design and Aesthetics

Adidas has once again perfected the Adios 8’s aesthetics, providing a sleek and contemporary style that honors the brand’s dedication to both form and function. Because the shoe comes in so many eye-catching hues, runners can show off their flair while covering plenty of ground. In addition to giving the sneaker a sleek appearance, the streamlined design adds to its overall low weight.

Adidas Adios 8 Review
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The Adios 8’s remarkable comfort is one of its best qualities, which is important for long-distance runners. Adidas is known for its Boost midsole, which offers soft, responsive cushioning that returns energy with each step and absorbs impact. With its tight fit and extra cushioning, the OrthoLite® sock liner of the shoe improves comfort levels all around.

Adidas Adios 8 Review

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Adidas Adios 8 Shoe:


  • Performance & Speed: The Adidas Adios 8 is a great option for competitive runners and anyone trying to set personal records since it is made with speed in mind.
  • Boost Midsole: This technology enhances comfort and energy return with every stride by giving the foot a responsive and cushioned sensation.
  • Lightweight Design: The shoe’s streamlined shape adds to its overall lightweight, making it ideal for high-intensity training or race day as it provides a nimble and agile feel.
  • Traction and Stability: The Continental™ Rubber outsole offers exceptional traction on various surfaces, while the Torsion System provides stability, ensuring a secure and controlled ride.
  • Comfortable Fit: Long runs are less likely to cause pain thanks to the OrthoLite® sock liner and the well-ventilated designed mesh upper, which guarantee a tight and comfortable fit.
  • Versatile Style: The Adios 8 blends performance and flair, enabling runners to show their uniqueness while covering kilometers. It comes in a variety of vivid hues.
  • Durability: The shoe’s ability to endure the rigors of rigorous training sessions and competitions is attributed to its superior materials and strengthened sections in high-wear zones.


  • Price: The Adidas Adios 8 is marketed as a high-performance running shoe, so runners on a tight budget may find the price tag to be a little pricey.
  • Small Fit: The small fit of the Adios 8 may not be as accommodating for certain people with broader feet, which might cause pain or necessitate going up a size.
  • Restricted Cushioning for Extended Runs: Although the Boost midsole offers exceptional cushioning, some runners may perceive that the shoe is not cushioned enough for extremely long runs, particularly on hard terrain.
  • Limited Terrain Adaptability: Although the shoe performs very well on roads and tracks, it may not be the best choice for off-roading or trail running.

The Final Verdict:

The Adidas Adizero Adios 8 is a fascinating option for a range of runners because it achieves an amazing mix of comfort and speed. A flexible trainer for speedier training sessions and races, its lightweight design, sensitive feel, and surprisingly soft cushioning appeal to a certain kind of person. For runners who prioritize performance at a fair price range, the Adios 8 stands out as a well-rounded alternative, even if it may not be the best option for long distances or extreme comfort seekers.

Frequently Ask Questions on Adidas Adios 8 Shoe

What type of shoe is the Adios 8?

The Adios 8 is a lightweight, versatile trainer that falls between a daily trainer and a racing flat. It’s ideal for tempo runs, intervals, and races up to 10 kilometers.

What is the difference between the Adios 8 and the Adios Pro 3?

Both are performance shoes, but the Adios Pro 3 is a carbon-plated racing flat designed for maximizing speed and efficiency, while the Adios 8 is a more versatile trainer that offers a balance between speed and comfort.

Is the Adios 8 good for beginners?

While not specifically designed for beginners, the Adios 8 can be a good choice for advanced beginners who are comfortable with running at a faster pace and have good running form.

How fast is the Adios 8?

The Adios 8 is a fast shoe, but it doesn’t have the aggressive feel of carbon-plated racing shoes. It’s ideal for runners who want a responsive shoe for tempo runs, intervals, and faster training.


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