Style Meets Performance In The Brooks Ghost 13 Review

Brooks Ghost 13 Overview: The everyday trainers’ struggle is fiercer than ever. It’s an essential struggle since mid-tier everyday trainers account for a significant portion of a company’s shoe sales.

A daily trainer is perhaps the most crucial shoe in a runner’s shoe rotation since they are worn for most of their running.

When I pick a daily trainer for my shoe rotation, it must feature a soft, comfy top, a midsole cushioned enough for lengths of up to 25 kilometers, and an outsole that can endure more than 800 kilometers.

The Ghost debuted in 2008, replacing another neutral trainer, the Brooks Burn. Since then, Brooks’ philosophy for the Ghost series has been to make minor, incremental adjustments each year rather than total overhauls.

This method is so successful because Ghost loyalists may transition to the new model while still recognizing older technology from prior generations.

The Ghost seems like it might cost at least $20 more than its listed price due to the materials used, even though it is not Brooks’ most costly neutral trainer.

Most of the daily trainers have undergone major modifications that have significantly enhanced them and are all excellent upgrades to their predecessors.

First Thoughts on the Brooks Ghost 13

Brooks Ghost 13
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I thought to myself that the Ghost now resembled the top-of-the-range Glycerin more than ever when I picked up the Ghost 13 and saw the dimpled DNA Loft all down the lateral side.

In comparison to the stiffer upper of the Ghost 12, the mesh upper of the Ghost 13 seemed softer and more flexible. Compared to the Ghost 12, the heel counter is also less cushioned.

Because the Ghost uppers are so cushioned and fluffy, I decided to get the larger size even though I usually wear half-size shoes.

I had to swap them for a half-size smaller since I detest the way clown shoes felt on me. Overall, compared to earlier Ghost iterations, the fit is far roomier.

I felt at home in Ghost 13 on my first run. Even in my first few meters with them, the Ghost personality was evident.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Brooks Ghost 13 Shoe:


  • Stable ride
  • Smooth ride transitions
  • Versatile ride
  • Luxurious upper


  • Fast-wearing outsole rubber
  • Not much midsole responsiveness

Sole Unit For Brooks Ghost 13

Brooks Ghost 13

The lateral half of the Ghost 13’s midsole is made of DNA Loft, while the medial side is made of BioMogo. The ride is still quite steady and well-balanced since the densities of the two foams are very close.

Running on the Ghost 13 doesn’t even make you realize the new full-length DNA Loft section, and since the midsole is co-molded, there are no gaps or seams where the two foams converge.

Similar to the Ghost 12, Ghost 11, and the majority of previous Ghost models, the Ghost 13 rides medium soft. All everyday trainers aim for the highly versatile shoe that the medium-soft ride produces.

The Ghost 13 is my favorite shoe for leisurely runs of 10 to 25 kilometers. However, because of its large weight, it may not be the best choice for occasional tempo runs.

The tagline for Brooks’ Ghost 13 is “the perfect blend of softness and responsiveness.” While I disagree with the responsiveness aspect, I do agree with the softness portion.

In my opinion, the responsiveness of the midsole foam used by Brooks in the Ghost 13 is still lacking when compared to the Pegasus 37’s explosive forefoot and the Ride 13’s bouncy TPU-EVA mix Pwrrun midsole.

Although DNA Loft is the most recent of the two midsole foams in the Ghost 13, it has many characteristics with BioMogo. I hope Brooks switches to their new, lighter, considerably more responsive DNA Flash foam.

With a heel-to-toe offset of 12mm, the Ghost is more offset than other daily trainers, making it the ideal shoe for beginning runners who favor rearfoot striking.

Heel hits are cushioned by the additional shock-absorbing padding in the heel. Additionally, I thought that the 12mm drop’s mild slope made transitions seem more natural and helped me roll through my stride.

The Ghost 13 has excellent stability and is still among the most reliable neutral trainers available for purchase.

Because of its relatively firm density and the fact that the footrests are below the black section of the midsole, which serves as a guide to maintaining your foot in the middle during transitions, this midsole has no lean bias.

Two distinct types of rubbers are used on the Ghost 13’s outsole: softer blown rubber for the forefoot and tougher wearing rubber for the heel.

The outsole rubber of Brooks shoes is thicker than on most other shoes, and the rubber has a soft, spongy density. The Ghost 13’s full contact outsole provides a silky smooth ride transition.

The Ghost 13 is very flexible thanks to three broad flex grooves that run the whole width of the shoe under the forefoot.

While its outsole rubber wears down more quickly than very durable rubber like the BRS 1000 found on the Pegasus 37 or AHAR+ found on the Cumulus 22, its EVA midsole will gradually lose comfort.

The outside lateral heel region rubber of my shoe is now half as thin as it was when I first started using it after less than 100 kilometers of running. I’ll reach midsole foam in 200 kilometers at this pace.

Brooks Ghost 13 Top Unit

Brooks Ghost 13

When it comes to the upper of the Ghost 13, Brooks outperforms all other brands. They are referring to the new soft-designed mesh as Air Mesh.

It’s airy and breathable since on my first run on a chilly winter morning, I could feel the chilling wind under my feet.

The remainder of the upper is typical of a Brooks Ghost. Its tongue, collar, and heel are all packed full of foam.

Although its tongue is not gusseted, its large wings prevent tongue slides by keeping the tongue in place.

The heel is effectively locked in place by the robust internal heel counter. Although I never required them, these have double final row eyelets for heel-lock lacing.

There’s plenty of space for your feet to spread out in the large toe box of the Ghost 13. For additional support and structure in the toe region, there is an internal toe stiffener.

Compared to the Ghost 12 heel counter, this one is less supple and more sleek. Your foot sits farther back in the shoe as a consequence of the less cushioned heel counter, creating more space in the forefoot.

The forefoot of the Ghost 13 feels much roomier than that of the Ghost 12 for this reason.

The standard-width Ghost 13 is better suited to wide-footed runners who want more space for their feet to spread out due to the high-volume forefoot.

You may need to get the narrow version if your feet are quite thin. In addition to the narrow and standard widths, it is also available in broad and extremely wide varieties.

Given that Brooks has made no further cost reductions on the premium upper, it is rather peculiar that they chose not to include a gusseted tongue on the Ghost 13.

Brooks Ghost 13 Conclusion

Get the Ghost 13 if you’re looking for a thrilling and enjoyable ride. You want to think about purchasing the Ghost 13 if you want a steady, reliable ride.

It was originally suggested by Brooks that the Ghost would run in a shoe if Goldilocks did. The Ghost 13 isn’t the most entertaining or softest sneaker available, and it doesn’t excel at any one task.

There is something for every kind of runner, from the novice who is just starting out to the marathoner, with the Ghost 13. If its heavy weight is not an issue, it may be used for recovery runs, tempo runs, and easy runs.

In what way, therefore, does the Ghost compare to the other well-regarded daily trainers? It has the finest upper and the most balanced ride, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite.

Although it is the most stable of the group, its outsole and midsole are not as durable as the rest of the group.

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