Asics Novablast 3: Tried and proven

The Novablast 3 is already one of the most talked-about new releases of the year. Can they truly live up to the hype when, in reality, they’re simply your average, everyday neutral trainer? Warning: there’s a chance they can.

The earlier iterations of the Novablast were well-recognized as excellent neutral shoes with significant bounce and durability. Although the wedge-shaped cushioning is becoming more and more common in running shoes, some runners did find it a little unstable. However, overall, people felt that Asics had created a fantastic shoe that felt very different from any of their other everyday training shoes, such as the well-liked Gel-Cumulus or Gel-Nimbus.

Novablast 3
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But the third iteration of the Novablast is a big improvement over the first, especially in the midsole where FF Blast Plus foam has taken the place of FF Blast foam to make it lighter and more springy. What was the outcome? A very light and cushioned running shoe with a gentle landing that nonetheless provides a significant energy return. At least from the perspective of one runner, the excitement around the shoe is well-founded.

Key Features

  • Weight: 220g (women’s), 253g (men’s)
  • Heel-toe drop: 8mm
  • Type: Neutral cushioned, road

Frequently Ask Questions

How comfortable is it to run in the Novablast 3?

Every runner wants a shoe that feels comfortable right out of the box, and the Novablast 3 delivers. The updated soft knit top is more fashionable and comfy than some of the classic Asics trainers, which have a more utilitarian appearance.

As soon as you stand in them, you can see that the Novablasts are appropriately springy. Although you can immediately sense the pile of cushioning, the foam never seems too squishy or mushy. This shoe is definitely one you could use for long, leisurely runs as well as ones when you would want to crank up the pace, as you can see from just one wear. Since the shoe feels so responsive and comfortable to run in, I often found myself jogging a little bit faster than I had intended to while testing. It isn’t meant to be a racing shoe or a speed shoe by any means, but because of its energy return, it’s still a wonderful shoe for runs that are a little bit quicker, like tempo or progression runs. In essence, this shoe is very adaptable.

What distinguishes the Novablast 2 from the Novablast 3?

The foam that makes up the midsole of the previous Novablast is really where the biggest improvement may be seen. This is the upgraded FF Blast Plus foam, which is made especially to provide a “bouncy running experience,” and it does just that. Additionally, the Novablast 3 weighs around 22g less than the Novablast 2.

Novablast 3

I was first concerned that the newly modified “Notch Tongue Construction” might move about a little while running since it is very thin and has a form akin to a split wing, but that was not the case at all. According to ASICS, the new design minimizes possible pressure areas by allowing the tongue to cradle the foot. This practically amounts to not detecting anything at all when running, much like all the greatest aspects of a running shoe. After all, a well-fitting shoe is one that you don’t even notice. Furthermore, the shoe is noticeably lighter than the Novablast 2 overall because of the absence of tongue cushioning.

How is the Novablast 3 fitted?

The size of the Novablast 3 is accurate. Although it is still within the “normal” range, the toe box may be a little broader than typical. Though probably a bit more tight fitting than earlier iterations of the sneaker, the knit top is quite comfy and doesn’t seem especially constricting or noticeable when running.

Given how light it is (for a daily trainer, certainly), the Novablast 3’s heel region is very well-padded, and the heel lock works nicely. There’s a substantial wedge of cushioning, as is becoming more and more typical with what you might term the current generation of running shoes. That may cause stability problems in certain shoes, at least while walking on uneven surfaces or making abrupt bends or direction changes. Nonetheless, the Novablast 3 offsets any instability with a very well-fitting heel and upper. Whether they were jogging in a straight line or swerving and ducking on a busy day on the roadways, they always felt safe.

Which shoes from other companies do they compare to?

Comparing shoes with similar-functioning shoes from different companies is often helpful. While the sensation when running may differ, I would compare them to other very adaptable everyday footwear such as the Saucony Endorphin Speed or the Nike Pegasus (albeit the latter does use a plastic plate). Stated differently, these shoes are a workhorse that can be worn every day, but with more zip than that suggests.

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