Altra Viho Review: Unleash Your Inner Natural Runner!

When someone expresses interest in the brand, it has never been easy to respond to the question, “Which Altra should I start with?” In the past, a lot of it was determined by factors like cushioning and running style. With the introduction of the Viho, it seems Altra has attempted to address that question. For those wishing to try out zero-drop shoes or cross-train with running, the Viho packs several of Altra’s greatest technological innovations into a low-cost, straightforward package. It also doesn’t feel like any other Altra that we have encountered.

Key Features

A low-cost introduction running shoe and trainer that will excite people about Altra.
weighs 261 grams, or 9.2 ounces, for a US Men’s 9.
has a 0mm heel/toe drop and 26mm of cushioning (as usual with Altra).
comes in three colors for men and women and retails for $100.00 USD.

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Flexible And Breathable

Altra has been making shoes like the Paradigm, Torin, and even the Escalante using the same formula for a time now. We were thrilled when the Viho was introduced for only two reasons: the cost and the technology. Several of the Altra characteristics seen in more expensive shoes are included in this low-cost, multi-purpose road shoe.

The top of the shoe is very flexible and breathable, and it feels fantastic on the foot. You can feel the FootPod technology under the footbed, which is a bit strange since those pods feel like little pillows supporting your foot. Although it takes some getting accustomed to, eventually it seems natural, and the 26mm of cushion provides excellent support for your body. You need to make sure the laces fit snugly since the heel does not hold you down in the slightest. I would rather have a flat lace on this one since the laces are so quirky.

While running, the FootPods reactivate and provide a little boost to your gait, but not as much as a dedicated performance runner would. There’s much here for most runners. This shoe is excellent for runners who want to make sure they are maintaining good form because of its high foot flex, which allows you to have complete control over your stride and foot rotation. In terms of distance, anticipate that this will feel comfortable at easy speeds and half marathons. Consider this to be your easy effort days in terms of pace.

Finally, they are excellent cross-training shoes. The Viho is a very fantastic choice whether you lift weights, do plyometric exercises, do cross-fit, or anything else similar.

Altra Viho, Upper

At first sight, the multidirectional mesh that makes up the Altra Viho’s top seems incredibly intriguing. The layer on top resembles a web of mesh that encloses the finer mesh, while beneath there is a finer mesh. The shoe has some toughness overlays, but not enough to compromise its flexibility.


It doesn’t have any actual structure and only has a very little heel cup, so don’t expect it to lock you in. The tongue has no gusset and is just slightly cushioned. The laces are both stiff and cylindrical, which makes them strange. It’s probably the strangest place on the sneaker.

Altra Viho, Midsole & Outsole

Altra’s InnerFlex technology, which consists of EVA grooves incorporated into the midsole, is used in Viho’s midsole. As a result, the shoe maintains its very high degree of flexibility and the weight is reduced. There is absolutely no stiffness in the midsole, so when we say “flex,” we truly mean it.


The Altra FootPod technology is the next layer down, and it’s sort of an experience to feel. The concept is that scientists attempted to map the pods to the bones and tendons in your foot so that support could be applied where it was needed. If you take off the insole, you can even feel them. Although it seems a little unstable at first, it offers enough support.

Rubber is used to finish the sole for durability and to create a pattern that allows for more bending during stride.

Traditional Altra Viho

The FootShape toebox and classic Altra silhouette are features of the Viho. The new design of the mesh is undoubtedly quite different—it nearly seems cage-like—but the hues are excellent and do a fantastic job of hiding the weirdness of the mesh. The laces are quite strange appearing and feeling, so if we had to put a hole in anything, it would be the laces.

Overall Of Altra Viho

A well-made consumer-level road runner with significant turn-over capability is the Altra Viho. Although it does take some getting used to, the FootPod shape offers a ton of bounce and cushion, and it feels quite comfy underfoot. This shoe’s ease of use as a cross trainer is yet another fantastic feature. There is something to like about this place whether you lift weights, engage in cross-fit, or even simply stroll. The Viho’s simplicity makes it rather remarkable.

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